Spotlight: The Classic Fishtail Braid Gets Colorful

by The Zoe Report

The classic fishtail braid has definitely been having a moment—whether you can do it yourself or employ the helping hands of your most coif-savvy friend, it’s a perfect style to sport for summer! Joico hairstylist Katie Bilovol gives the beloved braid a way fun update by adding a pop of color into the mix—mermaid hair, here we come!

Click through to learn how to give your classic fishtail braid a colorful twist!

Step One

What you’ll need for this look: bobby pins, colorful clip-in extensions of your choice, dry shampoo (for texture) and humidity-blocking finishing spray.

Step Two

Pin up the top section of your hair (about an inch above the ear) and place clip-in extensions along the parted perimeter. This step is optional—skip if you don’t want color!

Step Three

Release the top section of hair and separate into two strands, as shown.

Step Four

Begin the fishtail braid – grab a small piece from the outer section of left strand and cross it over to the inside of the right section. Then, grab an outer section from the right and cross it over to the inside of the left.

Step Five

Repeat same motions three times on each side, then pick up new strands of hair (taking them all the way from the side of the face) and resume your fishtail pattern, weaving new pieces into the two strands you’ve already created.

Step Six

Once you run out of hair from each side, you’ll end up with just two strands again in your hands—repeat the fishtail motion, but grabbing hair from the two sections you already have.

Step Seven

As you continue, make sure not to braid too tightly and don’t worry if each section is not perfectly equal in width—a little imperfection adds to the bohemian vibe of the look.

Step Eight

Add texture to the finished braid by lightly pulling out and loosening various strands and/or running your hand up and down the fishtail to rough it up.

Finished Product

Rock your fabulous colorful fishtail to the beach and beyond!