How To Look Gorge When The Temp Drops

by Stephanie Montes

Just because the temperature outside has dropped, doesn’t mean it’s ok to sacrifice your oh-so-fab style. From makeup that complements your knit beanie to the best ‘dos to wear when you’re rocking a scarf, these are our tips for keeping warm and looking hot.

Hat + Loose Bun

Keep your head warm with a great hat, which also conveniently hides dirty, second-day hair. Part hair down the middle, loosely pull hair into a low bun and pull out front pieces to frame the face for a perfectly feminine-meets-edgy look.

Scarf + Hair Down

Tucking your hair into your turtleneck is still as cool-girl as it gets. Take that theory and apply it to a scarf. The next time you wear one, wrap it around your hair for a chic and practical way to keep your locks from blowing in the wind.

Beanie + Lipstick

Wearing a beanie is a popular and bold fashion statement no matter what climate you call home. However it's easy to get lost in a floppy, knit hat and a mess of hair. Pair your beanie with a bright pop of red lipstick to instantly draw attention back to your face.

Fingerless Gloves + Manicure

Just got a really great mani and don't want to cover it with a pair of gloves? Fashion-girl problems. Fingerless gloves keep your hands warm but still show off your polish and favorite accessories.

Hat + Braid

A tousled braid adds romance to a masculine-looking hat. Create a deep side part and then sweep hair to one side. Make a loose braid and then pull it apart to thicken the plaits.

Scarf + Bun

Your beautiful blowout can be quickly ruined on a blustery day. To preserve your gorgeous hairstyle while wearing a scarf, create a center part, tease hair at the crown and then pull it into a low bun. Instant cool.