Mind-Blowing Ways To Stop Mascara From Clumping

by Stephanie Montes

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are 8 wonders of the world (you know, Stonehenge, The Great Wall of China and clump-free lashes). Okay, maybe there are only 7 and none have anything to do with makeup but getting our mascara to look flawless also took years of effort. Here, get our 5 game-changing tips for achieving long, full lashes, without the gunk. Now you don’t have to wonder how we got our full flutter.

Lashings Of Lashes

Soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water to melt the formula and make it thinner. It will be easier to apply and won’t get thick and clumpy.

Place your eyelash curler behind your lashes and use it as a shield to prevent mascara from getting on your lids. Now you can really get in there and focus on combing out your lashes instead of making a mess.

Ditch the wand and apply your mascara with a small fan brush. Paint it on to make lashes look darker and fuller without making them clumpy.

Wash your mascara wand once a week with baby shampoo. This gets dried-up residue off your wand and only deposits fresh mascara onto your lashes.

Because so much product stores on the tip, it distributes unevenly into your lashes, which makes them clumpy. Dot the end of the brush onto a tissue to remove excess product before applying your mascara.