45 Clever Beauty Products That Are So Popular Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

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The secret is officially out: Amazon is just as valuable a resource as any other for finding excellent-quality beauty products. Perhaps even better, since the online retailer stocks plenty of genius, under-the-radar finds, including those from independent and international brands that you just can’t find at your local drugstore or beauty emporium. So go ahead and add these clever, wildly popular beauty products to your cart ASAP before your fellow discerning shoppers scoop them all up.

Emphasis on the word clever here. All of these products boast some combination of intelligent formulas, smart packaging, and supercharged results that may just change your life. Think: A water-light treatment that leaves your hair silky-soft in under 10 seconds, an eyeliner stamp that gives you flawless cat eyes every time, a set of razor-thin cleansing sponges that expand under water, and a pair of skin-softening hand masks conveniently shaped like gloves. Each product has been thoughtfully chosen by our beauty-obsessed editors, then further backed by thousands of positive ratings and reviews from beauty-obsessed Amazon shoppers — so you can trust that these products are genuinely good, not just gimmicky.

Scroll on to discover 45 clever beauty products that are so popular, Amazon can barely keep them in stock.


The Easiest Way To Create Slick, Flyaway-Free Updos

This hair mascara is genius for smoothing down unwanted frizz and flyaways, especially if you don’t like the feel of heavy, sticky gels. The formula uses a blend of botanically derived oils, like jojoba and camellia, to tame and moisturize hair; while hydrolyzed silk offers strengthening benefits. Plus, the applicator is so easy to handle — just swipe it through unruly hairs, like the ones at your temples or the nape of your neck, and head out the door. This is especially useful for creating sleek updos.


The Cult-Favorite Face Mask That’s All Over Instagram

The name isn’t the only clever thing about this Zombie Pack face mask. The product works eight wonders upon your skin, which include hydrating, brightening, firming, and generally reviving a dull complexion. The application process is pretty cool, too — the powder mask comes in individual cups, which you’ll mix with water to activate, then apply with the included brush. You’ll feel it get to work immediately (your skin may feel tight or “pulse”), but when you rinse it off after 15 minutes, it’ll feel incredibly soft and smooth.


This Color-Depositing Conditioner That Lets You Try New Shades Without The Commitment

Whether you want to refresh your existing color or experiment with a new hue without the commitment or expense, this color-depositing conditioner will be your new hero. Among the 50,000+ Amazon shoppers who left it a review, people rave about how vibrant and silky-soft this leaves their hair. One customer wrote: “The results were phenomenal! Not only did the color turn out beautifully but my hair is so super soft and smells so good! I can't say enough good things about this product.” It comes in 19 shades, from silver, copper, and brunette to bolder hues like mint green and hot pink.

  • Available shades: 19


The Mattifying Face Roller That’s All Over TikTok

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok over the past few months, you’ve likely seen this Revlon Volcanic Face Roller making the rounds for its brilliant combination of cleverness and effectiveness. The roller is made of pure volcanic stone that naturally absorbs excess oil, doing away with the need for wasteful, single-use blotting papers, all while giving your face a mini massage. You can pull out the stone and wash it with your face cleanser, then screw on the airtight cap to keep it hygienic.


The Editor-Approved Hair Treatment That Rinses Out In 8 Seconds

According to our obsessed editors, the L’Oreal 8 Second Wonder Water is just about the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to achieve supermodel-worthy hair: Just apply it to your mid-shafts and ends after you shampoo, wait a few seconds, then rinse it out (no need to condition). When it dries, you’ll be left with smooth, strong, silky hair. This water-light treatment is a failsafe for all hair types and budgets, even those with thin hair who typically most find hair masks too heavy.


A Hydrating Face Mask That Looks & Smells Like Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

This face mask may look (and smell) like a cup of fluffy vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles; but in reality, it’s a potent blend of glacier water, hyaluronic acid, and squalane that hydrates and refreshes your skin — more glass of water than piece of cake. Meanwhile, kaolin clay absorbs sebum and other impurities from your pores — several Amazon reviewers confirm that this works wonders to pull out blackheads — but thanks to all those hydrating ingredients, your skin won’t feel tight and dry when you wash it off.


These Super-Thin Facial Sponges That Expand Under Water

If you love to give your face a deep clean but can’t be bothered to invest in one of those massive facial cleansing brushes, or don’t want to use a harsh konjac sponge, try these compressed facial sponges instead. Though they’re as thin as a piece of paper when dry, they expand under water to more than quadruple in size, making them especially handle for travel. For less than $10, you’ll get 50 sponges, and they’ve become so popular that they’ve garnered over 9,000 Amazon reviews.


This Brilliant Sponge That Instantly Removes Pigments From Your Makeup Brushes

This color removal sponge is nothing short of brilliant: With just a few strokes, it removes all the pigment from your makeup brushes, so you can switch between colors without needing to get your brush wet to cleanse it. “This speeds up my routine. It's amazing how something as simple as a black sponge in a tin can cut my time in half,” one Amazon reviewer raved. “No switching to another brush, no tissue lint, and no extra brushes to watch at the end of the week.” The sponge itself can be cleaned with soap and water, air-dried, then popped back into the airtight case to protect it from bacteria.


A French Sunscreen That Feels & Performs Like A Serum

This brilliant sunscreen from La Roche-Posay regularly sells out on Amazon and in stores, so when you see it, buy it. It’s special because although it has an SPF of 50, it feels like a lightweight serum — so basically, it’s the ideal sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen. It sinks into your skin instantly without leaving behind any trace of residue, but it keeps your skin feeling comfortable and soft. It’s also formulated with antioxidants to double up on the environmental protection, while the pump-top bottle helps keep the formula fresh.


This Delicious Face Mask Made With Super-Brightening Pumpkin & Honey

This Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey mask sounds good enough to eat, but it contains virtually every ingredient the natural world has to offer for brighter, polished skin — including the titular pumpkin enzymes, which work as a gentle exfoliant; Manuka honey for hydration; and glycolic acid, vitamin C, and fruit extracts packed with skin-polishing AHAs. Everything in the formula is naturally derived and non-GMO, and many ingredients are certified organic.


A Chemical Exfoliant That You Spray On Like A Face Mist

K-beauty brand COSRX makes plenty of best-selling products at surprisingly affordable prices; but with over 3,000 five-star ratings, Amazon shoppers are particularly besotted with this exfoliating toning mist. This uses both AHAs and BHAs to deeply cleanse and polish your skin, while allantoin and panthenol moisturize and soothe. It’s a foolproof option for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin who may shy away from harsher exfoliants.


This Old-School Tool That Makes It Easy To Create Unique Hairstyles

These clever little tools that you may have had when you were younger are hard to find in stores, so thank goodness for Amazon. They’re a foolproof way to make your half-up styles, ponytails, and French braids look 10 times cooler and more intricate. And they couldn’t be any easier to use, even if you aren’t typically the best at doing your own hair.


A Creamy Lipstick That’s Shaped Like A Chubby Lip Liner

If you love the look of liquid lipstick but hate the drying feel, pick up one of these lip crayons from Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s beauty brand. The product delivers the full-coverage effect and matte, powdery finish of a liquid lipstick, but it feels like a creamy crayon. It’s also water-resistant and long-wearing, so it’ll stay put all day long without cracking or feathering. Get it in 22 gorgeous shades, from berries and nudes to a Gaga-appropriate, blazing hot pink.

  • Available shades: 22


The Easiest Way To Get Effortless, Beachy Waves

If you love the look of beachy waves but struggle to use a curling iron, this Bed Head deep waver is about to become your new best friend. With a simple clamping motion, it creates loose, effortless waves that look like they were done professionally. It’s no wonder this $30 tool has been awarded over 30,000 five-star ratings on Amazon thus far.


A Volumizing Mascara That’s Infused With Nourishing Collagen

This L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara is like an upgraded version of the brand’s classic Voluminous mascara. Like the original version, this delivers dramatic thickness and volume, but the comb’s separated bristles and elastomer construction offer even more definition — without clumping. The formula is made with collagen, panthenol, and jojoba oil, so your lashes will feel soft and comfortable, not crispy.


A Cult-Favorite Body Wash That Buffs Away Bumpy Skin

CeraVe SA Body Wash works like a charm for smoothing out rough, bumpy skin, so it’s great for people who are prone to body breakouts or keratosis pilaris. Salicylic acid does the exfoliating work, while the brand’s signature blend of moisturizing ingredients — like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and three types of ceramides — leave your skin smooth, strong, and protected.


These Slim Razors You Can Use For Eyebrow Shaping, Dermaplaning, & More

Over 130,000 Amazon shoppers agree: These Schick Hydro Silk razors are well worth the $1 purchase. These slim, gentle razors can be used for myriad purposes, like eyebrow grooming, removing unwanted facial hair, and dermaplaning, an exfoliating technique that leaves your skin impossibly soft and smooth. (Your makeup will blend even better, too.) This order comes with three washable razors with protective caps, as well as a precision cover for eyebrow shaping.


An Upgraded Version Of Your Basic Makeup Sponges

These aren’t your average makeup sponges. They’re made of a unique microfiber material that’s thinner than a strand of silk, so they absorb far less product than a usual sponge, leading to less product waste. Plus, they’re designed with a combination of round, flat, and pointed shapes to seamlessly fit the curves and contours of your face. Use them damp to build and blend liquid and cream makeup; or, use them dry to apply powders.


A 3-in-1 Tool That Gives Your Hairbrush A Thorough Clean

This hairbrush cleaning tool may seem superfluous, but it’s actually crucial for maintaining the integrity of your hairbrush — and, in turn, your hair’s overall health. This three-in-one tool is equipped with a pointed end to pick out clumps of hair that gather between the bristles, and two types of combs to clear away other types of fluff and debris. “This thing works amazing. [...] the particular texture of the bristles on this really grabs everything. It scraped the little lint rings right off and now my brush is cleaner 10x as fast,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


This Oddly Satisfying Way To Get Super-Smooth Feet

The key to silky, smooth, baby-soft feet? These clever foot peeling masks, which are sold in a pack of three. You wear them like socks for about 90 minutes — they’re filled with an exfoliating essence that smells like lavender — and within two weeks, all your skin will start to shed off, revealing brand-new skin underneath. A little bit gross, but also super satisfying — and the results are worth it.


This Scalp Treatment That Helps Relieve Itching & Tension

Got an itchy, tight-feeling scalp? This treatment from Design Essentials offers a solution. Made with a blend of refreshing and nourishing plant-derived oils — and not much else — this offers relief from all sorts of scalp-related discomforts, from flakiness and itchiness to run-of-the-mill tension. Naturally, then, it’s a useful product for anyone who wears tight braids or other protective styles, but it’s also great for those with dandruff or generally irritated scalp.


An All-In-One Gel Manicure Kit That Costs The Same As A Salon Visit

For the price of a single gel manicure at a salon, this kit gives you every tool you need to do them at home for the foreseeable future — including the base coat, top coat, and nail polish itself, as well as a lightweight, portable UV lamp. Amazon reviewers confirm that the process is far easier than you may expect, and they’re pleased with the color, quality, and longevity of the polishes. You have 15 sets of six nail polish shades to choose from, including brights, neutrals, pastels, and mattes.

  • Available sets: 15


An All-Natural Body Oil Made With Relaxing Lavender

With its calming lavender scent, this Weleda body oil is perfect for slathering all over your body before going to sleep (alternative use: Pump a few drops into your nightly bath to make the experience feel even more relaxing). This simple blend uses sweet almond and sesame seed oils to nourish your skin, while the lavender fragrance comes from all-natural lavender oil. Like all Weleda products, this oil is NATRUE-certified and cruelty-free.


This Primer That Keeps Glitter On Your Eyes, Lips, Face, & Body In Place

This glitter primer is formulated specifically to keep pesky, fallout-prone glitter firmly in place. Safe for use on your lids, lips, and body, it creates a creamy, lightweight canvas for your glitter to cling onto all night long — including at a sweaty Lady Gaga concert, as one Amazon reviewer reported. That said, you can use it for non-glitter formulas, too, especially if you have oily lids or live in a hot, humid environment.


The Cult-Favorite Hair Tool That Instantly Dries, Smooths, & Volumizes Hair

No exaggeration, the cult-favorite Revlon One-Step may very well change your life. Exactly as the name implies, this works to dry, volumize, and style your hair in just a few passes, even if you have thick hair. The barrel brush features two bristle types to detangle and volumize your hair, while the ionic technology mitigates unwanted frizz and maintains your hair’s moisture levels for silky, smooth locks. Other highlights include three heat settings, including a cool setting; dual-voltage capability for international use; and a super-long, tangle-resistant swivel cord.


An Acne Mask That Changes Colors When It’s Been Fully Absorbed

Made with a powerhouse blend of blemish-busting ingredients like sulfur, bentonite clay, and zinc, this AcneFree mask turns blue once it’s been fully absorbed by your face, so you know exactly when to wash it off. Cool, right? There’s also vitamin C in here to promote a brighter complexion, as well as kaolin clay for even more purifying benefits. Use once or twice a week to help maintain clear, congestion-free skin.


A Microfiber Turban Towel That Dries Your Hair Faster — & More Gently

Microfiber hair towels are so clever for quite a few reasons. First, they help your hair dry faster, since microfiber is such an absorbent material. Second, because microfiber is so soft, it’s gentler on your hair than traditional terry cotton, so it can help produce less frizz and breakage. This microfiber towel is useful in another way, too; it’s lightweight and stays secure on your head with a button, so it won’t slip off or weigh you down as you putter around the house.


These Skin-Softening Masks For Your Feet & Hands

The easiest way to achieve silky-soft hands and feet is to slip on these “masks” — which are shaped like gloves and socks — and sit back and relax while they work their moisturizing magic. In each set, you’ll get six pairs of gloves (three moisturizing, three hydrating) and six pairs of socks (also three moisturizing and three hydrating), so it’s an amazing value. You can even wear these to sleep; if you’re worried about them slipping off your feet, simply put a pair of thicker socks on top.


A Holographic Highlighter For Just $6

This highlighter is so popular because it works just as well as highlighters that cost upwards of $30 — but it’s just $6 on Amazon. Sold in six shades, from the holographic, light pink pictured to a deep, golden bronze, this little tube comes with a convenient doe-tip applicator so you can easily dab it along the high points of your face. At such a low price, why wouldn’t you try it?

  • Available shades: 5


An Affordable Cleansing Brush To Give Your Skin A Much Deeper Clean

If you haven’t tried a cleansing brush yet, here’s your little nudge. This best-selling Olay brush has two speeds: The first, gentler speed helps maximize the effectiveness of your cleanser by massaging it deeper into your pores; while the second, faster speed works as a manual exfoliant to polish away dead skin cells, leaving your complexion brighter and clearer. Reviewers with all skin types, including sensitive skin, report amazing results with this tool.


A Revolutionary, Salon-Grade Treatment That Restores Damaged Hair

If you’ve ever bleached or chemically processed your hair, chances are your stylist followed it up with an Olaplex treatment to counteract the damage. The brand’s super-potent No. 3 treatment is as close as you can get to a salon-grade formula at home, using the same bond-building technology to restore your hair at a molecular level. Use it two to three times per week if your hair is very damaged, and you’ll be left with silky, stronger hair in no time.


This Multipurpose Tint Made With Certified-Organic Ingredients

Investing in a multipurpose tint will revolutionize your makeup routine — and even better if it’s made with certified-organic ingredients, like this one from HAN Skincare. The formula is packed with good-for-skin ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and vitamin C, so it’ll moisturize and brighten your skin in addition to imparting a lovely, radiant tint on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. All eight shades have a sheer finish, but they’re buildable if you prefer more intensity.

  • Available shades: 8


A Pack Of 96 Pimple Patches That Beauty Pros Swear By

Out of all the pimple patches out there, Rael’s are considered to be the best by many. (On Amazon alone, they’ve been awarded over 20,000 five-star ratings.) In this box, you’ll get 96 patches in two sizes for smaller and larger blemishes, which help heal your pimples much faster by simultaneously protecting and extracting them.


This Best-Selling Gloss That Plumps Up Your Lips

A total classic in the beauty world, Buxom’s Full-On Plumping Lip Polish is infused with retinyl palmitate, a peptide complex, and a tingly menthol derivative to temporarily offer the appearance of plumper lips, whether you wear it alone or layered over your lipstick. The dynamic, high-shine finish makes your lips look fuller, too, while vitamins A and C keep your lips feeling soft and hydrated. It comes in well over 50 shades, so you’re guaranteed to find a few you love.

  • Available shades: 50+


A Detangling Brush That May Just Upgrade Your Life

Is this the best detangling brush on the entire internet? According to over 40,000 Amazon reviewers, it very well may be. It’s particularly ideal for people with curly, tangle-prone hair — or for parents with kids who have curly, tangle-prone hair — as it helps detangle effectively and painlessly both wet and dry hair. It’ll last you forever, too; to keep it clean, invest in the brush-cleaning comb featured above.


These Shower Steamers That Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Spa

Next time you’re sick, congested, or simply tired, pop one of these tablets on the floor of your shower — soon, your steam will become infused with an invigorating, eucalyptus and mint scent, both of which are commonly used in medicinal products to clear up congested airways. It’s an amazing way to treat both your body and mind, and they’ll make your bathroom feel (and smell) like a spa for hours.


This Magnetic Liner & Lash Kit With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

This Arishine magnetic eyeliner and eyelash kit is one of the most popular false eyelash kits on Amazon — it’s garnered over 16,000 five-star ratings and 7,000+ five-star reviews thus far. Even falsie novices can master these eyelashes: They adhere using the included magnetic eyeliner, so there’s no tricky glue involved. You’ll get five pairs in each kit that very in terms of drama, and they’re all reusable.


This Genius Root Spray That’ll Extend Your Time Between Salon Visits

If you have roots you’d like to conceal, pick up a bottle of this best-selling root cover-up spray — it’ll help prolong your next salon appointment, saving you both money and time. This fan-favorite spray has over 28,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and is sold in nine shades to suit any hair color, including red and blonde.

  • Available shades: 9


This Yuzu-Scented Soap That Comes Out Shaped Like A Flower

Who knew hand soap could be so clever? Not only does this have a lovely and refreshing citrus scent, but the soap comes out shaped like a yuzu flower, thanks to its cleverly designed pump. It’s a fun way to impressive your guests or encourage your kids to wash their hands more often.


An AHA Body Scrub To Smooth Out Blemishes & Bumps

If you’ve got keratosis pilaris or generally bumpy skin, try this best-selling body scrub from First aid Beauty. It uses two types of AHAs — both glycolic and lactic acids — to exfoliate and decongest your skin, while buffing beads made from pumice offer physical exfoliating benefits, as well. Follow up with a rich body cream for your smoothest, softest skin ever.


This Luxe-Looking Hair Remover With A Cult-Like Following

With over 65,000 five-star ratings, the Finishing Touch Flawless is one of the most popular beauty tools on Amazon. It removes unwanted facial hair with ease — and it does so completely painlessly. Plus, since the tube is as small as lipstick, it’s easy (and discreet) to travel with. Choose from six colors, including rose gold, ice blue, and lavender.


The Cult-Favorite Exfoliant That Gives You Smooth, Clear Skin

One of the most popular beauty products of modern times, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is considered by many to be a holy-grail product for keeping their skin smooth and clear. It uses 2% salicylic acid to deep clean pores and exfoliate skin, while green tea extract offers soothing benefits. Just be careful not to overdo it — start out by using this once a week, then progress to twice (or maybe three times) a week if you think your skin can handle it.


The Best-Selling Korean Cleansing Balm That Feels & Looks Like Sherbet

What makes the best-selling Clean It Zero cleansing balm so clever? Think of it as a more decadent version of a cleansing oil: It starts out with a thick, sherbet-like texture, but melts into a silky oil when massaged into your face. Plus, it’s free of stripping alcohols and harsh surfactants, so it works to remove all your makeup while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. You can’t go wrong with the original, though it comes in a few other versions with more targeted benefits — like Pore Clarifying, made with salicylic acid and tea tree oil to help clear away breakouts.


These Winged Eyeliner Stamps For Pro-Level Cat Eyes Every Time

One of the most clever makeup inventions of all time, these eyeliner stamps make it easy to draw (or more accurately, stamp) on perfect cat eyes and wings — with barely any effort involved. The pens are dual-sided, with a stamp on one side and an eyeliner on the other, which is used to connect the wing. Over 17,000 Amazon reviewers left them a glowing review.


A Pro-Quality Face Steamer So You Can Bring The Spa To Your Home

Transform your bathroom (or kitchen, or bedroom — wherever you do your facials) into a spa with this best-selling face steamer. Not only does it feel amazing, particularly when your skin feels tired or even when you’re congested with a cold, but it also helps prep your skin and open up your pores to make any products you apply more effective. This also comes with some bonus extraction tools, but fair warning: You should only use those if you know what you’re doing.

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