Brush Hour

by The Zoe Report

While brush maintenance may not be the most thrilling topic of cosmetic conversation, it is certainly a crucial one! New on the cleansing scene is Claudio Riaz’s Instant Brush Wash, which works as an anti-microbial to purify your makeup tools while also incorporating a conditioning element.

From international makeup artist Claudio Riaz comes this advanced soap that makes cleaning chic and effortless. Now, how frequently should you wash your brushes, you ask? Well, the only correct answer to that is: as often as possible. But our team of beauty experts recommend cleansing a minimum of once per week. To do so, simply apply today’s Instant Brush Wash—safe on both synthetic and natural brushes—to dry bristles, add water, massage with your hands and let dry overnight. Treat your brushes kindly and they will repay you with years of sleek application!

Availability: Claudio Riaz Instant Brush Wash ($38). For additional information, visit Claudioriaz.com.