Farewell Fatigue

by The Zoe Report

If there’s one place on our faces that requires special attention, it would have to be the delicate, tell-all area that lies under our eyes. As all women (and men) will attest, nothing reveals one’s tired temperament quite like dark circles. That’s why we’re totally smitten with Circ-Cell’s Blood Serum, a rejuvenating eye gel sure to cure our swollen-eye blues.

Modeled after scientists’ attempts to create synthetic blood—sounds scary, but it’s totally legit!—which is vital for delivering oxygen and key nutrients to the skin, this revitalizing serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and under-eye circles. With a blend of oxygen carriers, yeast proteins and algae extract, the heaven-sent gel leaves the skin around your eyes looking refreshed, radiant and visibly brighter in appearance. For a seriously rich hit of hydration, just apply a pea-sized amount each morning and enjoy your invigorated visage, free of fatigue!

Availability: Circ-Cell ABO +|- Blood Serum ($118). For additional information, visit Circcell.com.