How To Be A Chic Chef This Holiday Season

It’s not easy to slave away in the kitchen and look fabulous while doing it—but with just the right ingredients, looking glam while elbows deep in mashed potatoes can actually be attainable. From a practical updo perfect for a long day spent in front of the stove to sweat-proof makeup to comfortable shoes, we have the essential tips for making this Thanksgiving as chic as it is delicious. Happy Turkey Day!

The Fuss-Free Updo

Behold! A chef-friendly hairstyle that also happens to be effortlessly gorgeous. We adore the look of a slicked back, low bun topped off with a sparkling hair accessory. This fuss-free updo is great for working in the kitchen: You won't have to keep brushing your hair out of your face or—gasp—take the risk of a loose strand making it sway into the stuffing! (Just remember to finish the look with plenty of hair spray and bobby pins for extra security.)

Photo: Erin Fetherston Spring 2015, FirstView

Get The Look

Melt-Proof Makeup Musts

In order to stay gorgeous in front of a steamy stove, your beauty products need to go the extra mile. Waterproof essentials such as mascara, concealer and foundation help keep your makeup in place all day. And don't forget to paint your pout with a smudge-free lip stain—an absolute must for periodic taste tests.

The Perfect Outfit

Our EIC learned the hard way that wearing dolman sleeves while cooking are a recipe for disaster (and for a gravy-soaked shirt). Slip into a short-sleeve or sleeveless blouse and an airy skirt or pant for extra mobility (all black or a print are the best options in case of spillage). As for shoes, stay away from uncomfortable heels and opt for platform pumps, which provide as much support as flats but are so much chicer.