Natural Insect Repellants That Don’t Suck

In the summertime, there are few things that can put a damper on a good time quite like a mosquito bite, except for multiple bites, which is usually the case with blood-thirsty critters. That’s precisely why we’re itching to share the 7 insect-repelling products below: Each one is DEET-free, will leave you virtually invisible to the little suckers and smells more like girly perfume than an overly cautious boy scout.

Sprays, Sticks And Wipes To Take The Sting Out Of Summer

Mrs. White's Unstung Hero

This all-natural, unisex fragrance spray more than lives up to its pun-happy moniker. Bonus: spray it on your linens to keep pests that go bump in the night -- or rather, ones that give bumps in the night -- at bay.

Intelligent Nutrients Mosquito Repellant

Certified organic, hydrating and gluten free -- this aromatic spray softens skin while providing up to two-hours of bug-free bliss.

The Honest Co. Bug Spray

Feel free to spritz this rosemary, citronella and wintergreen concoction on both kids and grownups. This lightweight formula is hypoallergenic with no synthetic ingredients in sight.

Aromaflage Mosquito Repellant Perfume

Consider this delicate essential oil concoction (vanillin, cedarwood and orange peel) your go-to summer fragrance, which also happens to keep pests far, far away.

LA Fresh Insect Repellant Wipes

Keep these handy, biodegradable wipes stashed in your bag for on-the-go pest protection.

Cold Spring Apothecary Bug Spray

Have you fallen victim to a surprise sting attack? Don’t fret. This witch hazel-spiked spray soothes pre-existing bites, in addition to preventing new ones.

Beekman 1802 Bug Repellant Spray

Beekman 1802’s signature blend of essential oils is pleasant to humans and absolutely vile to bugs. And that’s just the way we like it.