Shadow For Sharks

by The Zoe Report

Here at RZ HQ, our west coast stationing automatically gives Team Zoe big hearts for the ocean and all creatures in it. Naturally, we’re 100% onboard with any opportunity to fulfill our penchant for glamour to the betterment of the blue. Enter Chantecaille’s Limited Edition Save The Sharks Palette, an assortment of sea-inspired hues that give back to the fine finned swimmers!

With three eyeshadows toting accurately aquatic names (Great White, Grey Reef and Black Tip) plus a golden coral Sea Anemone cheek shade, this palette offers a well-edited array of prettifying options. As promised, it gets better—5% of all the proceeds are donated to BLOOM Association in an effort to ban unregulated shark fin trade. Dive headfirst into your underwater beauty look with an eyeshadow base,volumizing mascara, eyebrow gel and our Chantecaille palette du jourof course—the sharks will thank you!

Availability: Chantecaille Limited Edition Save The Sharks Palette($83). For additional information, visit Chantecaille.com.

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