The 11 Biggest Celebrity Hairstyle Transformations Of All Time

Prepare for shock level 100.

by Natasha Marsh
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Celebrities are no strangers to major hair makeovers. These are 11 of the biggest celeb hair transformations from the last two decades.

Gigi Hadid: Before

Prior to 2020, Gigi was known for her signature golden locks.

Gigi Hadid: After

But with the pandemic, she traded in her dirty blonde hues for a fiery copper red.

Gigi Hadid
Billie Eilish: Before

Playful greens and blues became popular again with megastar, Billie Eilish, and her signature slime green roots.

Billie Eilish: After

This year, Eilish took to Instagram to share her new platinum ‘do (which she kept hidden for months).

Ciara: Before

From braids to intricate up-dos, Ciara is no stranger to a hairstyle switch.

Ciara: After

She’s also a protective style icon, and always causes a stir when she debuts a new look.

Halsey: Before

From hair wigs to colored tresses, Halsey loves to play around with her hair.

Halsey: After

The pop star buzzed her hair, capitalizing on the tie-dye trend — and the fans are here for it.

Zoë Kravitz: Before

The actor and model can truly do no wrong with her hair. In braids or worn straight, she looks amazing.

Zoë Kravitz: After

A classic cut and a special ode to Halle Berry, Kravitz took to a fresh pixie cut last year and the internet lost its mind.

Taylor Swift: Before

The country singer started off her career with golden blonde curls.

Taylor Swift: After

She has since chopped her curls and often wears her hair straight in a chic lob with fringe.

Rihanna: Before

Back in 2005 when the singer introduced “Pon de Replay,” her hair was worn in traditional island waves.

Getty Images/Brian ZAK
Rihanna: After

Many hair transformations later, Riri made this year’s mullet trend even more chic.

Michelle Obama: Before

As FLOTUS, the public often saw Michelle Obama in tailored bob-length cuts.

Getty Images/Pool
Michelle Obama: After

Since leaving the White House, she’s been embracing her natural curls.

Miley Cyrus: Before

Starting her career off on the Disney Channel, Cyrus sported long, Southern blonde or brunette locks.

Miley Cyrus: After

She has since played with multiple styles, but her now signature pixie crop is definitely a crowd favorite.

Shutterstock/Debby Wong
Ariana Grande: Before

Another star who grew up in front of the camera, Ariana Grande entered the spotlight with loose curly brown hair on TV show, Victorious.

Getty Images/Jason Merrit
Ariana Grande: After

Upon leaving Nickelodeon, the megastar became famous for her signature high ponytail.

Tiffany Haddish: Before

Haddish’s above-the-shoulder bob is the move.

Tiffany Haddish: After

Equally, it’s hard to stop thinking about the comedian’s 2020 shaved head moment from the Emmy’s.


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