Zoë Kravitz’s Latest Haircut Is So Unexpected

Splash News

Zoë Kravitz has earned her cool-girl status thanks to her fun spin on beauty. She’s rarely seen without a bold lip or graphic eyeliner, and her platinum blonde hair can turn heads in any room. Most recently she was rocking a subtle undercut, and today she surprised her Instagram followers by debuting a full-on buzz cut. That’s right, Zoë went ahead and shaved off all of her hair.

It seems shocking to the rest of us, but she did tell Harper’s Bazaar that she was planning on getting rid of her locks. While many of us are hesitant to try such a dramatic cut, if there’s anyone who could pull off this look flawlessly, it’s certainly Zoë. Now we’re just curious, since Big Little Lies is officially over, could this be for a new role? We’ll have to wait and see.