The Makeup Products You Should Always Keep In Your Bag, According To Victoria Beckham


Fans of Victoria Beckham are well aware that the designer is a pro at glowing skin and nude lips. She’s never seen without a radiant highlight gracing her cheekbones and high points. That’s why makeup aficionados flocked to her debut VB x Estée Lauder makeup collection stocked with now cult-favorite items.

Victoria recently shared her two staple products with Elle, and since we all want to get her glow, we hung on every word. According to the fashion icon, the two products she always keeps in her bag are the Morning Aura highlighter and a perfect nude lipstick—no surprise there. She further explained that she loves the illuminating cream because it also lifts and tightens the skin, apart from giving a flawlessly radiant finish. The moisturizer can barely be kept in stock because it’s just that good. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: You can score it yourself here for $95.