The Unexpected Lipstick Shade That’s Taking Over This Summer

Everyone has their own everyday makeup look that they can whip up in under a few minutes. For a lot of us, that look is typically more neutral and understated (read: easy) so that it can translate to any and all occasions. That said, with the warmer months upon us, it may be time to give those nude lipsticks and palettes a rest and have a little fun with your makeup. Honestly, all it takes is a slight tweak or adjustment.


Take a page from Victoria's Secret model, Taylor Hill: The beauty recently wore the most gorgeous orange-red lip color to spice up an otherwise toned-down look. Paired with naturally flushed cheeks and soft, light brown eye shadow, the color felt fresh and light as opposed to overwhelming.

For those who are still hesitant to choose a bright lip color, let us put you at ease. Coral tones are known to be flattering on every skin tone, so you're guaranteed to look amazing while rocking it. Also, don't assume you're stuck with a particular texture. If you're not a huge fan of matte lipsticks, try a velvet finish or gloss—again, there's literally something for everyone. To bring our point home, we've compiled a list of our favorite red-hot shades with a splash of orange tinge to them. Take a look and turn up the heat on your beauty look this summer.