The One Product You Need To Get Shay Mitchell’s Full Lips


Fuller, plumper lips are still proving to be what everyone desires—even in 2018. While we've given you the breakdown on the ins and outs of lip fillers, we've also shared how to get a plumper pout sans needles. Well, here's another option for those of you not looking to go under the, er, needle: lip contouring. Yes, the same technique you use on your cheekbones, nose and other features, works on your lips, too.

Celebrities don't shy away from playing up the makeup trick, especially during awards season with the endless amount of photo opportunities. Shay Mitchell recently sported her gorgeous smoky eye alongside plump, nude lips and looked flawless. Luckily, the key to landing such a look is in one product. To get the job done, grab a brown or tan lip pencil that's slightly darker than the outline of your natural lips. You can then move on to filling in your lips with a lighter nude or brown shade of your choice. You're left with a set of voluminous lips that don't require the time, money or effort of many other options. Take a look at our top five picks for brown lip pencils to get yourself started.