Rihanna Just Got Bangs (We Think)

Summer 2016 has been the season of celebrity hair changes, so much so that it’s making our heads spin. From Dakota’s blonde highlights to Elle Fanning’s pink dye job, we just can’t seem to keep up with their knack for switch-ups. The latest comes from Rihanna—currently on her Anti World Tour in Europe—who debuted blunt bangs complete with a textured lob, following in the footsteps of recent fringe convertee Selena Gomez. Before you start booking an appointment (or reaching for the scissors, eek), we’d like you to consider something. Knowing Rihanna’s hair-chameleon tendencies and the prevalence of wigs being used by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Shay Mitchell, we can’t be certain this is real. Regardless, the ’90s bang revival is clearly here to stay.

Photo: @badgalriri