The Exact Perfume Princess Diana Wore On Her Wedding Day Is Under $200

Princess Diana Archive
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When prepping for your wedding, there's no doubt you want the finest beauty products at hand to complete your look, and fragrance is one of the more personal items that stays with you as a reminder of your special day. Royalty are no exception, and we've learned which scent Princess Diana wore to complete her aura prior to walking down the aisle in 1981. She chose her favorite perfume, which is nothing short of luxurious—Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Eau de Parfum, a mixture of exotic florals and citrus fruits with a woodsy touch. Sure it sounds fancy, but this is an actual princess we're talking about. Envisioning her in that iconic wedding gown and tiara with her extravagant bouquet, we'll say this was the perfect finishing touch. Her signature scent is still available for purchase today, and you can snag it yourself below.

Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Eau de Parfum, $140