The Strange Tool Olivia Culpo Swears By For Hydrated Skin

By now you’ve surely admired Olivia Culpo’s flawless, radiant skin. So, how does the It girl keep her pores invisible and her base illuminated all winter long? She gave Byrdie a step-by-step breakdown that includes the usual steps of exfoliating and moisturizing—but one part of her routine really surprised us.

While we’re well aware that steam can open up pores and help skin absorb moisturizer on a much deeper level, not everyone knows how to get their steam on. You can use an at-home spa device, a boiling pot of water or, per Olivia‘s suggestion, a humidifier. In fact she got her friends hooked on a portable version that connects to a cell phone for a pampering session no matter where you are. Although it may look and sound strange, we’re sure it’ll benefit our cold-weather skincare routine, and it’s perfect for travel.

If you’re looking to get rid of dry patches sooner rather than later, hook up with this little wonder.

Photo: Satechi

You can purchase your own here.