The One Product That Works For Everything—Seriously

Olivia Culpo is easily one of the biggest It girls on the internet right now. Her hair and makeup looks have earned a cult following on Instagram, and it’s inevitable that fans want to know more about her beauty secrets. Luckily for us, we’ve caught up with Olivia on more than one occasion, and there’s one beauty product she can’t stop raving about—for good reason.

We love a good multi-purpose product, and the truth is so do many of our favorite It girls. They’re easy to use and take less time and effort when it comes to getting ready. Olivia’s top product of choice happens to be coconut oil, which has a huge fanbase of its own already. She uses the holy grail product on everything from her skin to her hair. Coconut oil not only moisturized the skin, but it’s also a common alternative to shaving cream, can serve as a scalp protector, conditions hair and of course, hydrates every part of our bodies.

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