Nicole Richie’s Worst Beauty Mistake Is Horrifying And She Knows It

by Stephanie Montes

If anybody says they’ve never made a beauty mistake in their lives, chances are they’re just too embarrassed to admit it. But if there’s one person who is always transparent, it’s wild-child–turned–fashion-powerhouse Nicole Richie. When we sat down with the the new face of Urban Decay’s Troublemaker Mascara before the launch party at Hubble Studio in LA, we asked Nicole to describe her worst beauty mistake … and we were shocked when she admitted to shaving her eyebrows. “My mom wouldn’t let me wax my eyebrows, so I shaved them off and took off too much by accident when I was 13,” she says. “I did it with a real razor and no mirror while I was in the shower.” Sorry, Nicole, but in this case, Mom knew best.

Michael Simon, Arnelle Lozada

As for Nicole Richie partnering with a beauty brand known for breaking the rules, she tells us, "When I sat with Urban Decay and talked about their mission statement, message and the girl they go after, it was extremely in line with what House of Harlow is all about. It's all about defining beauty for yourself and making beauty an individual experience, so it just felt like the perfect choice for me."

So, is she trying to tell us something by teaming up on a product named Troublemaker? "Sure, I consider myself a troublemaker," she says. "Maybe not the obvious kind of troublemaker, but I have gotten into trouble, yes." We told you she always tells it like it is.