5 Things Nicole Kidman Does Every Morning Before A Big Event


Nicole Kidman is a powerhouse in human form and she demonstrates that every time she steps onto a red carpet. She recently shared how she physically and mentally prepares for a big event, and you'll be surprised to learn that what she does is actually very relatable. Her pre-awards-show routine is no different from her (and our) regular morning routine, as it involves family time and, of course, relaxation.


Family Time

The actress always makes sure to have breakfast with her husband and children.


Quick Workout

She follows up by making time for a workout, which is usually either a quick run or a swim.

Wake-Up Call

For years, she's taken an ice-cold shower the morning she knows she'll be on a red carpet to really wake herself up.

Pampering Sesh

She'll often treat herself to a face mask after working out.


Skin Protection

Nicole never leaves the house without her Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lotion SPF 100+ Sunscreen.