The Secret To Natalie Portman’s Amazing Skin

There are two sides to Natalie Portman: One is the glamorous Oscar-winning actress who graces red carpets in impeccable style, and the other happens to be the effortless beauty who advocates for brain over brawn. “If you don’t want to wear makeup, no one should make you feel like you’re less than; if you want to wear a lot, they also shouldn’t make you feel less than,” she says in a recent interview with The Cut. Truly, Natalie believes that beauty is about “making yourself feel happy”—and for the mother of two, this means sticking to a clean and healthy diet (she’s a proud vegan) as well as indulging in a nighttime beauty routine. The key to her gorgeous skin? After washing her face with Joëlle Ciocco face wash and toner, Natalie religiously uses organic skincare brand Pai, from its eye cream and rose oil to a moisturizing mask when she’s traveling. “I like the way all these products smell,” she adds. “They feel nice, and the scents make a difference.” If that’s what it takes to look like the stunning star, you can bet we’re buying it.