Natalie Portman Reveals Her Must-Have Beauty Essentials

With minimal makeup and her charming smile, Natalie Portman is truly one of the most naturally captivating faces in Hollywood. Her beauty illuminates everything from the red carpet to the sidewalks of Santa Barbara (where she lives), and she’s sharing her secrets in a recent day-in-the-life interview in which she reveals her makeup bag must-haves as well as the routines that keep her skin glowing.

It all starts with her morning regimen, which is admittedly quite simple: sunscreen and deodorant. “I’ll put on makeup if I have a meeting: Dior concealer, mascara and Grège lipstick, which is a good nude, or a bold red,” Natalie says. “But just to go out of the house to my son’s school drop-off, I’ll only put on tinted sunscreen.”

Of course, it makes sense the Oscar-winning actress minimizes the time she spends on beauty—after all, she just became a mother of two with daughter Amalia’s birth in February. “I don’t do much maintenance, and I find it tricky right now having a small baby, but I’ve been using the Priv beauty app every once in a while to schedule mani-pedis at the house, which has been nice,” she adds.

As for the evening, Natalie knows never to end the day without a proper cleanse. “I always take off my makeup before bed,” she shares. “I use Bioderma makeup remover and Joëlle Ciocco cleansing wash, then I put on rose oil or a moisturizing mask that I got from a French pharmacy.” While you certainly don’t have to travel to Paris to obtain her signature product, it’s good to know a basic routine of face wash, sunscreen and no-makeup makeup is all you need to look youthful and refreshed like the stunning actress herself.