Miranda Kerr Got A Leech Facial And We Have A Lot Of Questions

Getty Images

Miranda Kerr is gorgeous; there’s no doubting it. The model-turned-skincare-guru has an enviable complexion, and it turns out she’s put a lot of effort into getting it to its current state of perfection. Over the weekend at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Health Summit, Miranda reportedly made a shocking revelation to the audience. She shared that she’s gotten a leech facial—yes, with actual leeches that suck on your skin. If you’re confused by that, let it sink in that even GP was astounded by the skincare treatment. “Wow! I thought I was batsh*t crazy!” she said.

So what exactly is the point of loading up your face with leeches? Apparently, the bugs suck on your skin in an effort to detoxify your blood and promote a tighter and brighter complexion—although things can get a little messy. According to the New York Times, the modified blood is then turned into a mask that sits on the skin. Just to be clear, no leeches were harmed during Miranda’s treatment, and she even kept them in a pond in her yard after the facial. Classic.