The Surprising Way Miranda Kerr Exfoliates Her Skin

She’s been recognized for years for her beauty, and now Miranda Kerr is becoming known for her role as a beauty mogul. After taking some time off from modeling, Miranda recently launched Kora Organics, a range of both natural and organic skincare products. So with all this skincare know-how under her belt, it comes as no surprise that she has a few tricks up her sleeve for keeping things smooth and radiant.

In an interview, the model revealed that she’s been practicing a simple—very simple—exfoliating routine since she was a child. Growing up in Australia, Miranda had constant access to beautiful beaches. She explained that whenever she would go for a swim, she’d be sure to take the time to exfoliate her skin with sand afterward. The super-fine granules have the same ability to buff the skin and remove any dead, dry particles as any of the packaged scrubs in our arsenals. In other words, for those who’d rather not break the bank on fancy exfoliants and also happen to live near a beach, the perfect body scrub is waiting right there at the shoreline. We’ll be sure to try this tip during our own summer getaways.