Miranda Kerr’s New Hair Color Is Unexpected For Winter

Russ Einhorn / Splash News

When the seasons change, so too does the hair color of women everywhere. Winter blues typically call for cooler, darker tones, but some ladies prefer an alternative route and like to switch it up a bit. Consider supermodel (and newfound denim designer via Mother) Miranda Kerr, who’s officially amongst those axing brunette roots as an option this season.

With her lob still in full effect, Miranda’s mane is a lot lighter and brighter than her typical chocolaty strands. She added a great amount of golden-hued highlights to her existing hair color, and the change is anything but subtle. It could be that she’s getting an early start on refreshing her look for spring—or maybe she simply wanted to stand out from the rest of the dark-haired crowd. Either way, it’s a perfect choice for anyone who’s considering a mid-winter makeover. The temperatures may still be frigid, but warmer tones are certainly in order.

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