You Need To Try Margot Robbie’s Genius Makeup Trick


Margot Robbie is inarguably a beauty icon at this point in her acting career—having nabbed the Calvin Klein Euphoria campaign as well as numerous magazine covers—and she’s picked up some insider tips along the way. In a recent interview with Elle UK, the Aussie actress shared one genius makeup hack.

“My friend taught me this trick that I use every day. When I put on foundation, I use an eyebrow brush or toothbrush to brush it into my hairline so that it all blends,” she said. Now, we know how important it is to match your foundation to your neck and ears so that your skin tone looks even, but this hairline issue is also a very common struggle.

“Because I have blonde hair, but tanned skin, if I don’t blend it, it looks gross—you can see the foundation in my hair. I do that every single day, and every time my boyfriend is like, what are you doing? And I’m like, I’m brushing my makeup into my hairline! And he’s like, girls are crazy.”

Perhaps, but who cares we’re totally trying it.

Blend Like Margot