How Lucy Hale Keeps Her Skin Looking Fresh And Clear

Like a lot of us, Lucy Hale has found herself dealing with hormonal acne well into her 20s. Not only are grown-up breakouts inconvenient, they’re just as hard to deal with as those in our early teens were. Because the 27-year-old actress knows our struggle, she shared with Byrdie the skincare regimen that keeps her complexion clear. While she swears by a distinct list of products, she’s also diligent about getting facials at Lasky Aesthetics in LA and credits SoulCycle-induced endorphins with helping her skin. Here, Lucy’s step-by-step acne-fighting routine.


Lucy's Clear Skin Routine

Lucy is a fan of double cleansing, and she starts off her routine with a deep cleansing oil.

She follows up with a daily cleanser to ensure all impurities are removed from her pores.

To eliminate all traces of makeup, Lucy incorporates a cleansing brush.

Exfoliating is important for restoring the skin's texture, and she does so twice a week.

To get necessary antioxidants and nutrients beneath the surface, Lucy swears by this cult-favorite serum.

To keep the natural oils in her skin balanced, she uses a gentle moisturizer that works great on acne-prone skin.