Proof That Lily Collins’ Eyebrows Are Just As Perfect Without Makeup


As beauty junkies, we’re obsessed with all things eyebrows. From pencils to gels to microblading—we’ve tried it all. Nothing beats the feeling of clean, subtly filled arches—it’s our belief they really do make the face. One celeb has been our brow muse from the very beginning of her career thanks to her thick and bold pair: Lily Collins. She’s known for her acting skills, of course, but her eyebrows have their own fan base. You’d think they were the result of some A-list-worthy beauty products, but her latest selfie proves they’re au naturel.

Yes, the actress has hopped on the makeup-free bandwagon, and her brows are every bit as flawless naked as they are dressed for the red carpet—due to a great shaping method, we’re betting. Even so, we’re pretty sure our own would need a swipe or two of gel to look this good. Want to go the low-maintenance route like Lily? Try some of the products below for a simple approach to keeping your arches full, healthy and polished.


Power Brows