Why You Should Pamper Yourself Like Supermodel Lily Aldridge

Models have some of the most hectic schedules known to man. Between fashion shows, photo shoots and constant travel, there’s rarely a moment to just sit back and relax. But even when that’s the case for supermodel Lily Aldridge, she’s determined to get her chill-out time. Her favorite way to unwind? An Epsom salt bath.

In an interview with Elle UK , Lily said a salt-filled tub is “great for drawing out impurities and detoxing.” It’s not the first time she’s dished on how much she loves the simple and inexpensive treat. Last year, she explained to Vogue that she even makes time for it on the road: “I put my bath salts in a Ziploc bag and bring them with me [wherever I go]. I bring small Diptyque candles in amber or lavender, too.”

If it works for Lily, who’s not only a runway star but a mother as well, it can work for us too. Pick up some salts at the drugstore and turn on the tap the next time you need a breather.

Bathe Like Lily