Leighton Meester Just Went Platinum Blonde


We're used to seeing her in her signature brunette locks (and in classic Blair Waldorf attire), but Leighton Meester just made her most drastic hair change of all time. The former brunette, who slowly transitioned more golden additions to her hair via balayage, just made the jump into full-on platinum. The singer-songwriter visited Nexxus salon yesterday in NYC and, with the help of her longtime colorist Aura Friedman, made the bold transformation. "With Leighton’s very fairy-like features, I wanted a softer platinum that would complement them, and not take over," she said of the process.

In order to keep the star's hair health a top priority, she used the Nexxus Keraphix protein treatment and hair masque. The products are formulated with the exact proteins that are lost during the hair-bleaching process, so your hair inevitably gets them back. "I love trying different looks and playing around with my hair. But, that means it goes through so much damage, especially when I’m at work. So, it is important that I keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy," Leighton explained. Now we wonder, do blondes really have more fun? Take a look at Leighton's new 'do below.

Michael Simon/ Courtesy of Nexxus