Kylie Jenner Cut Her Hair Short And It’s Not A Wig This Time

by Stephanie Montes

When someone as famous as Kylie Jenner changes her hair on the regular, any style she steps out in eventually becomes normal. Whether it’s platinum, brunette or something in between—like the rose gold trend she took on last year or even her turquoise hair from 2015—she’s tried it all. But when the wigs come off and her real hair takes a turn, that’s when we really take notice. Last night on her Snapchat, Kylie posted a video with the caption, “The gag is…I had to cut off all my hair today.” (Unless the gag isn’t that she cut her hair, but that the wig has actually been surgically implanted on her scalp…) We’re pretty sure this is her actual, natural hair and it’s pretty short. Is it just us, or is this one a keeper?