Kylie Jenner Warns Fans Against Dangerous Replicas Of Her Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner has issued a warning to her fans via Snapchat about websites selling counterfeit Kylie Cosmetics products. After a series of customer complaints, Kylie learned that people were having issues with items that she wasn’t selling on her own website. The biggest problem with the replicas isn’t cost—it’s dangerous ingredients.

“The ingredients they’re using in these fake products are really, really dangerous, which is my biggest concern,” she said. She also engaged in a Twitter exchange with fans about the fake products, and it was revealed that some include glue and gasoline as ingredients. Some of the counterfeit websites go as far as creating products Kylie has never even made, such as powder foundation.

The sites selling these products look almost identical to Kylie’s online shop, so she reminds customers to always check the URL. The only place to get authentic and safe Kylie Cosmetics products is KylieCosmetics.com.