Here’s Literally Everything Kourtney Kardashian Does To Get Glowing Skin

Kourtney Kardashian‘s healthy lifestyle has naturally left her with flawless, glowing skin. But we’re well aware that her clear canvas isn’t solely the result of a strict diet, and we’ve long suspected that the Dr. Manuka spokeswoman has a few skincare tricks up her sleeve. Well, the eldest Kardashian sister just posted a detailed breakdown of her beauty routine on her official website confirming our suspicions. Here, the seven holy-grail products she swears by and why she loves them.


The Full Breakdown

To prep her skin for softness and moisture, Kourtney exfoliates with a charcoal scrub.

She relies on organic coconut oil for allover moisture, but she's sure to point out that she doesn't apply it to her face, opting for a Manuka oil instead (below).

On top of drinking several glasses of water throughout the day, she makes sure to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one of them, to encourage her body to absorb vitamins more effectively.

Kourtney also sips on two cups of green tea (iced or hot) every day because of its anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties.

Of course, she can't forget a pampering bathing session. She fills her tub with detoxifying bath salts to extract toxins from her skin after a long day.

She applies this soothing face oil on her décolleté, chest, hands and feet every night.

We swear by silk pillowcases ourselves, and so does Kourtney. She always sleeps on one to protect her skin throughout the night.