The Beauty Rule Kim Kardashian West Loves To Break

Kim Kardashian West’s eyebrows have a reputation for being an envy-worthy set of arches. She’s kept them perfectly groomed for years thanks to the brow guru herself, Anastasia Soare, so it’s expected that she’s picked up some tricks along the way. However, Kim’s latest beauty admission doesn’t have to do with grooming or shaping her famous brows, but rather with their color. In a recent interview in which she shared several beauty tips, Kim revealed the one beauty myth that she’d love to debunk.

Now, we’re aware that she’s been rocking platinum blonde locks since arriving at New York Fashion Week early last month. We also noticed that she didn’t go ahead and bleach her eyebrows to match, just like she never has when going blonde in the past. But why? She simply doesn’t believe it’s necessary. KKW feels that darker brows have the ability to warm up your face and therefore are a lot more flattering than lighter ones. The bolder the brows, the better.