This Skin Concern Is Now Affecting Kim Kardashian’s Face

Last year Kim K penned a heartfelt letter about living with psoriasis. In it she noted that there’s no cure, so she’s learning to accept it as part of who she is. Now she’s sharing on Twitter that the chronic condition has spread to her face.

As a quick refresher, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that causes dry, flaky, red patches on the skin. Stress can trigger flare-ups, and fans have been quick to guess that the reality star’s return to the spotlight could be to blame. We’re pretty sure Kim is handling this like a pro, but here, we’ve got three tips that can help all sufferers calm the effects of a sudden outbreak.

•Topical cortisone and water-retaining ointments help soothe itching and inflammation.

•For internal assistance, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation.

•Be sure to avoid products that contain fragrance and alcohol.

If you feel you might be experiencing symptoms of psoriasis, visit a medical professional for further assistance.