It Took Kim Kardashian A Full Week To Get This Blonde

Gary Gershoff

Kim Kardashian broke the internet three times this week: first by climbing in a tree entirely naked, then by announcing her third pregnancy via surrogate and finally by arriving at New York Fashion Week with silvery blonde locks. We’re not going to lie, we totally thought Kim was pulling a fast one on us and was just wearing a wig (as many celebrities do these days), but it turns out this is the real deal. Soon after her big debut at Tom Ford’s runway show in the Big Apple, she shared details on her official app and website about how her journey to her new blonde strands really went down. And if the look itself was shocking to you, just wait until you hear how long it took to get her there.

We’re well aware that going from brunette to blonde is no easy task, but Kim’s dye job, executed by her go-to hair guru Chris Appleton, took a full 17 hours to complete. Yes, 17 whole hours. “I sat there 12 hours straight, then we did another five-hour session,” she wrote. It gets even more interesting, though. The 17-hour session was only to get her dark brown hair to a yellow blonde state; she then had to wait a full week before toning it to get the full platinum effect. Now that’s a commitment level we all can surely admire. Kim isn’t a rookie—she knows if there’s a time to make a statement, fashion month is it. We expect to see this blonde look on her for a while, and we’re definitely not mad at it.