Kim Kardashian Just Taught North West An Important Lesson About Makeup

While Kim Kardashian is taking a much more low-maintenance approach to beauty these days, that hasn’t stopped her from teaching her daughter North West a thing or two about makeup. If you caught Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you saw an adorable exchange between the mom-and-daughter duo. As Kim approaches North on the subject of adding more babies to their family, the three-year-old wants to share a moment of affection with her mom. She pauses and asks Kim if she’s wearing any makeup, and when Kim tells her she’s not, North mauls her face with a ton of kisses.

Being raised in a family that’s constantly in the spotlight it’s not that surprising North already understands the rules of preserving a good face of makeup. The sweet moment went viral on social media, and Twitter users couldn’t deny the cuteness. Catch the full clip of their adorable interaction below.