The Reason Kim Kardashian Loves These $5 Makeup Wipes

GC Images

We’ve all dealt with the hassle of taking off our makeup when we’re way too tired. So many times we’ve promised ourselves we’ll wash off the day no matter what, then we fall asleep with our full face on. It turns out celebrities are no exception, with Kim Kardashian the latest to share her struggle.

During press rounds for the launch of KKW Beauty, Kim explained there are nights she’s just too exhausted to wash her face. After getting her two children to sleep, the only thing she wants to do is crawl into bed herself. As a result, she’s adopted the perfect hack—she keeps a stash of makeup-remover wipes near her bed. Rather than padding over to whichever marble-lined bathroom is nearest, she makes like we do after a long day and removes as much as possible with a quick swipe. Her two favorite options are Neutrogena’s Night Calming Towelettes infused with lavender and the brand’s original cleansing towelettes. Neither of her picks will set you back more than $5, and you can snag them below.

Wipe The Day Off