The Makeup Product Kim Kardashian Has Officially Ditched

Kim Kardashian single-handedly put highlighting and contouring on the map, though they’re actually old-school makeup techniques. Thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms, the craze has reached such levels that apparently Kim isn’t feeling it anymore. Teaming up with her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic for a tutorial on her official app, Kim explains that she’s officially over the trend.

She states that after watching herself and her sisters on Keeping Up With The Kardashians reruns, she felt their highlighter was too extreme. If you’ve been following Kim’s gradual return to the spotlight since her robbery scare in Paris, you’ve noticed she’s gravitating toward a much more low-maintenance look. While she may be scaling back on the highlighter, she isn’t straying away from it in all forms. In the video, Mario lightly dusts on Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Seduction for a natural glow.

Photo: Laura Mercier