This Is Why Kim Kardashian’s Hair Always Looks So Good

Kim Kardashian always has a flawless face of makeup—and an enviable set of strands to match. Whether it’s a Cher-length sleek mane or her current center-parted lob, her hair has an intense amount of shine and always looks super healthy. While the reality star works with various hair gurus from time to time, hairstylist Jen Atkin has been caring for the Kardashian tresses for years.

During Kim’s recent appearance on Ellen, many viewers were astonished by how good her hair looked. Jen explained in an Instagram post that Kim’s natural hair is in fact as healthy as it appears, and that the lob is her very own. She tells Refinery29 that she uses her signature Ouai Hair Oil on Kim’s locks to give them a shine boost. However, it’s another trick she suggests that can really take anyone’s haircare routine to a new level: a DIY hair mask that includes a crushed vitamin, namely Jen’s Ouai Hair Supplements, to help maintain hair health.

She suggests mixing your own mask-vitamin combination with just one base, which can be egg yolks, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil or beer. This homemade hack is a total game-changer and can make a huge difference in the current state of your strands. Next time you lather, rinse and repeat, give it a try.