Kim Kardashian West’s Dermatologist Just Shared A Surprising Reason We Might Have Dark Circles

For someone who is no stranger to getting glammed up and piling a ton of product on her face, Kim Kardashian West always manages to have flawless skin. However, that doesn’t mean she’s immune to her own issues—she’s suffered from dark circles since she was a teenager (and has credited eye oil for helping her combat them). The reality star recently learned a common mistake can cause discoloration. Kim and her dermatologist, Harold Lancer, MD, took to her official app and website to explain that dark circles are often a result of your sleep position.

Those of us who love to sleep on our sides and stomachs are doing ourselves a huge disservice. According to Dr. Lancer, these positions can put strain on the skin surrounding your eyes. Sleeping on your back can help, as well as prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely on other areas such as your chest. These tricks coupled with some KKW Beauty highlighting stick after a good night’s sleep, and it’s no wonder Kim’s got zero evidence of dark circles when she’s spotted in public. We’re trying this tonight.