Khloé Kardashian’s Trick For Flawless Legs Is So Easy

Khloé Kardashian has a great pair of gams, and every time we see her show them off, we’re jealous. The reality star is a fitness guru in her own right, but there’s more to her flawless legs than squats and dead lifts. Khloé loves to spill her beauty secrets on her official app, and when we learned that she has a simple trick for getting her legs to look extra good, we were dying to get the deets.

Apart from working out on a daily basis, Khloé swears by Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs. This product already has a e it their stamp of approval, as well. Airbrush Legs is literally body makeup that can be sprayed on smoothly. It makes a huge difference by covering imperfections and evening out your skin tone all in one shot. So why does Khloé swear by it when she has muscles that we wish our own legs could match? Well, she has spider veins and freckles just like everyone else and enjoys using a little cover up. The best thing about Airbrush Legs, other than the fact that it works, of course, is that you can find it at your local drugstore. One can will set you back just $10 and keep your legs covered all day long.

Sally Hansen