Khloé Kardashian Uses These 4 Products To Do Her Own Makeup


Khloé Kardashian famously travels with a glam squad and is part of one of the world's most glammed-up families, but that doesn't mean she doesn't touch up her own face from time to time. She took to her official app and website to share how she does her own makeup, revealing that it only takes her 20 minutes to complete her everyday look. (As a beauty editor, I can't even say the same about my daily makeup routine—it takes me maybe 40 minutes, if I'm lucky.) On top of that, when doing her own glam, the reality star sticks to four products and she's out the door. We didn't expect her routine to be as low-maintenance as it actually is, but it's certainly refreshing to learn. Here, Khloé's four-step formula.

To cover up any blemishes and imperfections, she sticks to this cult-favorite concealer with a radiant finish.

Rather than using older sister Kim's eponymous contour kits, she uses a luxury contour and highlighting duo to chisel her cheekbones.

We're sure she gets her fair share of false lashes from the pros, but on her off days she opts for this curling mascara.

She keeps her lips simple by applying this nude liner all over her pout rather than using lipstick.