Kendall Jenner Did Her Own Makeup In 10 Minutes And Still Looks Flawless

Corbis via Getty Images

Kendall Jenner may be the more low-maintenance member of her glamorous family, but that doesn’t mean her makeup skills aren’t on point. On more than one occasion, she’s shared her favorite product staples on her app and totally inspired us to try them. And with a glam squad on-call at all times, Kendall’s picked up a trick or two for staying polished while on the go.

Her hairstylist, Jen Atkin, shared a clip of Kendall’s look in Cannes this week, admitting that while she styled Kendall’s ‘do, the supermodel did her own makeup in just under 10 minutes (we can totally relate). The result was slicked-back hair, dewy skin, bold eyebrows and a fiery red lip. While Jen didn’t disclose the products Kendall used, you can shop some of her favorites below.

Kendall's Favorites