Kendall Jenner’s Biggest Makeup Mistake Is Totally Relatable

Kendall Jenner may be a current muse for low-maintenance girls, thanks to her minimal makeup and undone hair looks. However, before rising to supermodel fame Kendall wasn’t always so easy on her makeup. She took to her app to express her biggest makeup mistake that she was guilty of in her teens and we can totally relate.

“I went through a phase in middle school in which I’d wear a ton of black eyeshadow and liner,” she wrote. “Sometimes, I would just layer on the eyeliner on the bottom lid. No one even told me that it was way too much at the time! I’ve definitely learned a lot since then from work.” In the early days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kendall often appeared on camera with goth-like eyeliner and it showed her love for intense pigment at the time. We’ve all been there, and luckily Kendall’s biggest makeup mistake isn’t as terrifying as her biggest eyebrow grooming mistake.

Today, we’d probably never catch Kendall in such a bold look unless it was strictly for the runway. Live and learn.