This Crazy Facial Is What Keeps Kendall Jenner’s Skin Radiant

Getty Images

Celebrities are typically the first to put outside-the-box beauty treatments on the map. Whether it’s vampire facials or bird-dropping facials (yes, seriously), these methods seem to get weirder by the day. Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are no exception to the It-girl craze, but their clear complexions are proof that whatever they’re doing actually works.

On an episode of sis Khloé Kardashian’s show Revenge Body, the Jenners’ skincare guru Christie Kidd uses her go-to freeze technique on a contestant. It involves treating problem areas with dry ice infused with liquid nitrogen to help heal acne and reduce scarring.

Due to the frigid temps, the layer of skin being treated sheds existing pimples or blackheads, and the formula also helps unclog pores. The procedure isn’t as rare as you might think—plenty of dermatologists offer it. If you’re suffering from a persistent flare-up, consult a skincare expert to see if you might benefit.