How Kendall Jenner Keeps Her Hair Extra Shiny

Getty Images For Entertainment W

Kendall Jenner‘s hair has gotten a lot of attention ever since she went for the big chop. No matter how the supermodel styles her lob, her strands are always glossy and gorgeous. So when she took to her app to share her shiny-hair secret, we were all ears.

The good news is Kendall doesn’t swear by fancy high-end hair treatments (not too surprising, considering she loves drugstore shampoo). The DIY beauty aficionado‘s moisturizing hair mask can actually be whipped up right in your own kitchen. Mash together an avocado, a banana and two tablespoons of coconut oil to create a paste-like texture, apply it evenly throughout your strands. and then let it sit for about half an hour before rinsing. Yes, it’s really that easy. Each ingredient is loaded with nourishing properties, so this shine boost is the all-natural, It-girl-approved real deal.