Kendall Jenner Just Had A Major Curly-Haired Moment

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to testing the waters when it comes to her mane. We’ve seen her in platinum blonde shag, baby-pink waves, faux pixies and bangs during her time in the spotlight. Since chopping her mid-length locks last year to front the September issue of Vogue, she’s continued to experiment with a variety of styles perfect for short-haired girls. Most recently, Kendall gave perm-like curls a try, courtesy of her go-to hair guru, Jen Atkin.

Jen posted a short clip of Kendall in a curly bob that falls just beneath her jawline. We’re not sure if Kendall’s hair change is for another fashion shoot or simply out of curiosity in trying something new. Either way, she looks amazing and it’s a fresh spin on a style to try when your hair is in the midst of growing out. Take a look at her spirals below.