Kate Middleton Keeps Her Skin Clear Using This Old-School Method


Kate Middleton has already proved that she knows a thing or two about skincare. The Duchess of Cambridge keeps her look minimalistic, which allows her to show off her naturally clear and radiant complexion. We recently heard from her makeup artist and the founder of Votary skincare line, Arabella Preston, who shared a skincare hack that’s popular in the UK: a simple washcloth!

We remember using washcloths on our faces as kids, but as we’ve grown into adulthood we’ve moved past that method. Arabella suggests that using a washcloth with hot water is the key to ensuring that all traces of makeup and buildup are off our skin while cleansing our faces. If you think about it, washcloths serve as a great gentle exfoliant due to their texture and have the ability to lift particles off the skin. They’re also a lot more gentle than cleansing brushes and other popular skincare methods used today. While we certainly didn’t expect this cleansing method to make a sudden comeback, both Kate and Arabella just did a whole lot of convincing. British model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also steams her face with hot water and washcloth, and her skin is just as flawless as Kate’s. They’re clearly on to something, and we’re more than ready to try it.