Kaia Gerber Is A Hairstylist In The Making

Getty Images

Kaia Gerber already has a modeling contract and beauty campaign as part of her impressive résumé at just 15 years old. Being blessed with the genes of her mom, former supermodel Cindy Crawford, certainly helped her on that front, but Kaia definitely has her own hidden talents hidden up her sleeve. While enjoying a day on the waterfront with her parents, the rising model decided to reach for the scissors and give her father, Rande Gerber, a haircut. Of course, her mom grabbed some evidence for all of us to see on Instagram, as her father looks still and patient awaiting his new 'do courtesy of his daughter. Who knows, maybe she could take up another gig in the meantime, giving the rest of her genetically blessed family haircuts for fun? Either way, it's cool to see her broadening her horizons. We just have one question for Cindy, though: Can we get a photo of the final look?